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Big Berry Hill Skatepark Update!

Big Berry Hill Skatepark Update!  (Please Share!)

Hello Friends!

We have some exciting news to fill you in on. Below you will see the updated design of the new park at Berry Hill. Construction is set to begin this month! The park, pictured below, has a budget of $600,000. The City of Lexington has committed $575,000 toward the new park. Thanks to partners like you, today Friends for Skateparks donated $17,530 from our fundraising efforts to the city of Lexington for the Berry Hill Skatepark project! A BIG thanks to all who have helped so far!!!!

However, the $600,000 being spent on the skatepark does not include much needed site amenities improvements such as landscaping, lighting, benches, fountains and signage to name a few.  We are also hoping our fundraising efforts will be successful enough to add an additional phase to the park!  The site work that is needed will cost around $35,000 and the additional phase will likely cost between $80,000-$90,000 – which we can help raise with cash and gift-in-kind donations.

Now is the time!  If you or a business you know would like to help us reach our goal we have a number of opportunities to provide you with special recognition for supporting Lexington ’s next world-class skatepark.  You can help today by purchasing a Brick (2×4, $250 or 4×4, $500) with an engraving of your choice that will be featured in the park!

We also have two very specific items that could really help reduce the overall cost of this project:

* 5 bedroom home? – Do you or someone you know have a 5 bedroom house near Lexington available from January through March (the completion of the park) that they could offer to workers coming in for the project?

* Wood? – Contact us to see a specific list of lumber needed for the project.   Businesses can donate lumber and receive tax incentives.

We also are approaching local companies regarding donated and discounted machinery, concrete, landscaping, and other supplies. If you own or know someone who owns businesses that sell these items and would like to help, please let us know.

Stay tuned…more coming soon!

Please Note:  There could be minor changes made to the design, but this will be the general footprint. Click Image To Enlarge!










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Park Update / Brick Building Lunch – October 30

Hello Friends,

While its a slow process, things are moving forward with the new skatepark. Due to some delays (which I hear are normal for projects of this scale) the ground breaking date has been pushed back to the beginning of the year with the grand opening sometime in the spring. More details to follow.

Meanwhile, this gives us more time to work on securing the funding we need to make this park as big and bad as possible!

Right now we have just over $587,000 and we are making a push to get to $600,000 through selling brick sponsorships.

On Thursday October 30th, from 11:30 to 1:30, Friends for Skateparks would like to invite anyone interested in helping us approach local businesses concerning purchasing a brick for the Berryhill Skatepark to join us for a working lunch.

The lunch will be held in the community room at First Southern National Bank, 3060 Harrodsburg Road. (park in the back of the lot and come up the stairs to the second floor).  We will provide sandwiches, chips, and drinks.

At this lunch we will be entering buisness names into spreadsheets, calling businesses to acquire names of the correct contact at the business, and addressing envelopes. We also will divide the businesses up among those of us there for a follow-up phone calls.

Any work you can do (acquiring names and addresses as well as the appropriate contact at the buisness) prior to coming will be helpful. Please stop by for some or all of this time and help us with our Brick Campaign for the park!

If you plan to come, please rsvp with


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Berry Hill Update – Bricks? Gift-In-Kind?

Hello Friends. Sorry for the delay in updates. We have been working on growing interest and donations the past month for the new park at Berry Hill. Thanks again to everyone who gave during the IndieGoGo campaign! We are gathering all the pledge gifts and let me just say that you guys are going to be stoked when you see how cool this stuff is! Can’t wait to get everything into you hands!

We will have some detailed news for you in the coming weeks… As for now, everything is still moving forward with the project and we still are in the buisness of trying to raise funds so this can be the best park possible. A few areas of focus:

Bricks: We can’t have too many “Bricks” for the park. Donate now (click donate above for details) and purchase a brick with a name of your choosing on it! This can be a great way for a small buisness to invest in the park! Even if you can not donate enough for an entire brick, every little bit helps so give what you can!

Gift In Kind: In the coming months we will be working hard on acquiring gift-in-kinds from local businesses. Do you or someone you know have the ability to donate (or offer at cost) any of the following items?

Steele Pipe

If so, please we would like to hear from you! We will be working to contact businesses in the coming weeks and hopefully seeing lots of materials donated to this project! Every dollar donated through a gift-in-kind means one dollar toward our goal of the biggest and best skatepark possible!




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Berry Hill Skatepark Update (July 2)

Hello friends!

I wanted to give you a little update on where things stand with the Berry Hill Skatepark project…

* WHERE WE ARE – Right now, city officials, Dreamland Skateparks, and F4SP are working to determine what actual phases we will be included in the park.  This involves some major donation “asks” (which potentially could get us the entire park!) as well as finalizing up any smaller donations (naming bricks) as well as investigating potential gift-in-kind opportunities exist from local construction companies.  At some point, probably in the next couple of weeks, this process will be concluded so that the official construction drawings can be completed and construction can begin.  At that point it gets a little harder to add a phase–so right now is a crucial point in the project!

As of right now, we are at just shy of $600,000 which would leave us a little short of phase one and two.  If things stand where they are, we likely would see a slightly trimmed phase one and two with most of the major elements included. I have a hard time imagining a phase one without phase two and I believe that everyone involved believes phase one and two will be included at a minimum.  So over the next couple of weeks all of this will get fine tuned.  Our hope is that a major donor will step up to match what we (The City and F4SP) have now!  If that happens… we get it all!  Let’s hope and pray that someone will rise to the occasion as this will likely be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our community!

* WE STILL NEED YOUR HELP! – With that said, the number one thing that Friends for Skateparks can do is to acquire “bricks” for the park.  $450- You will become a part of history with a 4″ x 8″ commemorative brick that will be incorporated in Lexington’s next skatepark, featuring an inscription of your choice (3 lines; 14 characters per line). $900 – You will become a part of history with an 8″ x 8″ commemorative brick that will be incorporated in Lexington’s next skatepark featuring an inscription of your choice (4-6 lines; 14 characters per line).  DONATE NOW HERE!!!

*  INDIEGOGO CAMPAIGN CONCLUDES – We concluded our Indiegogo campaign and raised $4,471!!!  Thanks to all who supported the effort!  Your “perks” will be on their way soon!

* FINAL DESIGN! – here are the drafts…

BHSP_DRAFT_Final_Concept_Design_3D2__3_ BHSP_DRAFT_Final_Concept_Design_3D1__4_ BHSP_DRAFT_Final_Concept_Design__3_

Please share this update with as many as possible!

More coming soon…

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Reid’s (much more concise) thoughts on the designs

“Separating things was a big concern of mine. Snake run on the outside of the main area and some periphery plaza style ledges/ rails/ manual pads would be cool on side walks in and around the park. It would great to see some more curves in the design and less straight lines.” – Reid

We would love to hear from you! Let’s keep the conversation going!  This is our final chance to have input! Please note that that simply posting your ideas on Facebook or even in the comments here–while helpful in spreading your ideas to others–does nothing toward influencing the actual design if you do not send them to Dreamland at by 5pm on May 13!!!!

See Concepts HERE

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My Thoughts On The Designs

Thoughts On The Designs, by Gavin Duerson

A few of us are going to post our recommendations that we passed on to Dreamland regarding the final design of the new park.   We hope this will keep the conversation going, as this is our final chance to have input! Please note that that simply posting your ideas on Facebook or even in the comments here–while helpful in spreading your ideas to others–does nothing toward influencing the actual design if you do not send them to Dreamland at by 5pm on May 13!!!!  

With that said, I would be stoked to see either of these parks in our backyard! Both would provide terrain to skate that is much needed here in Central Kentucky. If I had to pick one design I would go with B. However since were are being asked to share our thoughts about both concepts, here are the notes I submitted at the meeting Wednesday regarding what I would love to see included in the final design:

  • I like the three bowls in concept A—especially the amoeba design “pool.”
  • I prefer the street section in concept B—especially the inclusion of the various stair sets into the park around the bowls.
  • The snake run is epic. I believe this will truly be an element that will be unique not only to Kentucky but the entire region and it will become of signature feature that kids will love—even those that don’t know it yet because they never have had a chance to skate something like it. I like the idea of making the snake run “snake” out of the park into a green space.
  • A primary concern would be that there is adequate street/plaza area. I think 50% transition and 50% street/plaza would be good ratio. I think that we can make the street area larger while keeping the large transition area with increased funds. I think we should plan for that to happen! We have almost $600,000 right now (which is the approximate cost of these designs).  I believe with monetary and gift in kind donations we should be able to have a bigger footprint.
  • I don’t think that blue concrete in the pool is essential for the bowl if the cost/benefit factor doesn’t make sense—Kentucky Blue tile would suffice and keep the trademark “blue bowl” idea that has been discussed in play.
  • Pool coping in the pool is a must
  • I like the idea of the 3’ mini ramp in the street area on design B. I believe that something small like that will be an important feature for those learning transition tricks. Could it be a bit wider?
  • I like the idea of incorporating skate-able rocks that was discussed.
  • I’m not real big on some sort of skate-able sculpture in the park that was discussed—I could take it or leave. It.
  • I like the brick area.
  • I like the idea of incorporating skate elements along the paths leading up to the park (benches, curbs, rocks, gaps, etc.)
  • Perhaps it is more costly? Perhaps it would prohibit the flow of the park? If not, I think seeing the actual footprint of the park be less confined to a rectangle would be ideal. The suggestion about the snake run would help toward that end, but perhaps rearranging the position of some elements to create a unique footprint could also be done?

Again, we’d love to hear your ideas in the comments below… but make sure to send them to Dreamland too!

Stay tuned for Reid’s thoughts…

See Concepts HERE


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