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URGENT HELP NEEDED for New Skatepark!

Hello Friends,

Bathrooms and a sidewalk connecting the parking lot to the skatepark are both needed at Berry Hill and not currently being proposed for funding in the Mayor’s FY 2016 budget. This week (May 7) a Council committee meets with Parks to review the Mayor’s budget and discuss what is missing. It would be really great if some folks wrote to the Council to ask them to be aware that the restrooms are not funded and that there is still no funds for a sidewalk to the skatepark.  This means that our new skatepark (designed for handicap accessibility) is not truly accessible to people with mobility impairments.

If you pull up this video you can see the previous unanimous vote by Council to recommend the Mayor place restrooms in Berry Hill in his FY 2016 budget (1:00:55). They were not included, however, in the Mayor’s budget and if they are to be added, this upcoming meeting will be key in getting the needed funds.

If you are inclined to take action the three council members reviewing the Parks portion of the budget are:

Shevawn Akers:
Amanda Bledsoe:
Jake Gibbs:

We also recommend contacting our Council Member Jennifer Scutchfield and Council Member Fred Brown (he is the Council Member for Berry Hill Park; the line runs smack dab down the parking lot and old bike trail) since they both represent the constituents who use this park.

Video of the previous unanimous vote here:

I think that it goes without saying, but just to be sure… If you can contact these folks, please be kind, courteous, and polite. There are many new council members who are new to all that we have been working on the past few years so it may very well be that the new folks are unaware of this issue. Thanks for helping!

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Get stoked on these photos of our park! 

I’m Super stoked about how this park is coming together!  Everything is going to be original but the snake run is shaping up to be a truly unique feature of this park.

Some thing to note in these pics:

*snake run shallow end will take on the feel of a pool shallow end

*pool coping going in on top of extension in deep end of bowl 

* corner(s) of park being set up as a berm

* back of shallow end extension will be skateable

  See for yourself…











Street section is next!