Friends for Skateparks

Lexington, KY

Under Construction (this site and the new park soon!!!)

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Hello friends!  We are currently revamping this site.  Please check back often as this will be the place to come to stay informed on the progress of the new park and detailed information on how you can be involved.   The most important thing you need to know is that there will be a new skatepark at Berry Hill and construction will begin sometime next year. The city of Lexington, thanks to Councilman George Myers persistence has made $550,000 available for this project.  Friends for Skateparks along with Councilman Myers would love to see a one million dollar facility built–something on par with the park in Bowling Green, Ky and Florence, Ky.  It will be up to us in the coming months to all pitch in to make this dream a reality for the city of Lexington.

Currently the city is getting the paper work together to begin posting the project for design companies!  In the coming weeks, F4SP will be initiating a fundraising campaign and we will need your help to not only contribute financially, but invite others to participate in this once in a lifetime project!  Stay tuned for lots of great updates and make sure to “like us” on facebook and follow us on twitter!

Author: gduerson

Husband. Dad of 5. Simple Church Alliance Director. Skater. UK fan. Famous Rapper.

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