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Here Are The Companies Bidding On The New Park!


Step one complete.  The RFP process is now over and here are the companies that submitted proposals to build us a new park!

(click on logo to see company’s website)

  (Team Pain is in partnership with Marrillia Designs)

This is exciting folks!  One of these companies will be selected soon to begin designing and constructing our new skate park!  A committee will be selected in the coming weeks and a selection will be made by early January.  I understand that the skate community will be represented on this committee in some capacity.  Committee members will not be disclosed to the public until after the bid has been awarded.

Author: gduerson

Husband. Dad of 5. Simple Church Alliance Director. Skater. UK fan. Famous Rapper.

4 thoughts on “Here Are The Companies Bidding On The New Park!

  1. Team pain or Dream land no brainer!!!

  2. We (Pillar) just wanted to clarify that our Design/Build team includes Artisan Skateparks – – Thanks

  3. California Skateparks & Team Pain!!!!!!

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