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Submit Design Ideas to Dreamland Now!

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Last night at Dreamland’s first public meeting, the stoke factor was high!  It’s truly an exciting time to see this project lifting off the ground!  I think the most awesome moment of the evening when the co-owner of Dreamland interrupted the conversation that was taking place and took the mic to proclaim that his goal was to deliver Lexington “the best skate park in the state!”  This of course will have a lot to do with our (the community) ability to help raise additional funds.  More on that later…

For now, know that this party has started and if you missed the meeting last night you can STILL have input into the design of this new park.  Here is how:

* Email your thoughts by April 16.

“Dream” a bit… and include any ideas that you would like to see included in this new park!  You only get one chance at this and the time is now so put some thought into what you would really like to see at Berry Hill and let your voice be heard!!!!

Dreamland will be returning in May to propose two different design concepts based on your ideas.  More to come on the meeting last night and how you can help with beefing up this park to make it “the best skate park in the state!”  Stay tuned…


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