Friends for Skateparks

Lexington, KY

Skateboard Deck Art Show & Skatepark for a Day February 29th at Rock House Brewery!!

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Skateboard Deck Art Show and Skatepark for a Day February 29th 2-6pm at Rock House Brewery (all ages).

Decks will be on display for bidding at the Illustrated Barber Shop, Charmed Life Tattoo, Broomwagon and Oscar Diggs during the month of February. Final bidding along with pop up skatepark for a day will be at Rock House Brewery Warehouse 2-6pm on Saturday February 29th, 2020. All funds raised by Friends for Skateparks will go towards the expansion of Woodland Skatepark. For more information go to


Artist Include:

Jenni Phillips, Ryan Cummins, Wes Meek, Matt Harper, Jesse Saxon, Melvin Armstrangle, Chavous, Spacecrail, Matt Westbrook, Asa Castle, Chris Rogers, Krista Colleen Graham, Erica Cook, Tyler Burke, Trent Redmond, Kayla Hitzler, Pierce Birdsong, Kevin Hamilton, Christine Kuhn, Jason Sturgill, Delle Marlene, Josh Walling, Joe Lopez, Geoff Murphy, Joe Parrish, Joe King


Event Sponsored by Friends for Skateparks, Rock House Brewery, Charmed Life Tatoos, the Illustrated Barber, Broomwagon and Oscar Diggs


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