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Official Update On Berry Hill Skate Park from Councilman Myers



Just released from Councilman Myers office:

November 1, 2013

Dear Lexington Park and Skating Community Supporters:

I am very excited to announce the process to build Lexington’s next skatepark and revitalize Berry Hill Park has begun!  Even more exciting, the city of Lexington is committed to a process that will give skaters and the community alike a key role in steering the skatepark’s final design.

Many thanks to Lexington’s Urban County Council and Mayor Jim Gray for catching the vision and budgeting $500,000 towards Lexington’s new destination skatepark. As you may know we are currently working to expand this project into a $1 million skatepark through private donations and we are asking for your help in this endeavor.  Additionally the Council has approved an additional $80,000 to add a new walking trail in the park.

We are in the beginning stages of hiring a qualified consultant and are currently advertising a request for proposals (RFP).  While each consultant will propose their own methodology, we are looking for an expert that is not only skilled at designing and building skateparks but also at incorporating a robust community-involved plan in to the process.

While the timeline for construction should be determined by the consultant that is selected and the process they propose for building the skatepark, we anticipate construction to begin in the summer of 2014 with substantial completion by the end of 2014. Once a contract has been awarded to a consultant they will provide a schedule of all major project milestones and outline plans to work directly with our community in developing the skatepark’s design.

The proposals submitted by the design firms will respond to a list of project goals in the RFP.  These goals to name just a few include:

  • a consultant that will work with the community to design and develop a park that addresses the needs of beginner through experienced skaters and bikers;
  • a variety of both transition style skate features as well as street elements;
  • the design and construction of a first-class unique destination skatepark that creates an economic benefit to the community at-large;
  • a portion of the park should be designed so it is ADA accessible; and
  • the design shall take into account long-term maintenance and sustainability.

I hope you are as excited by this news as I am.  It is also my hope that in the coming months our community will recognize the economic and health benefits this project is going to provide for the citizens of Lexington and will come  together to make this project even bigger and more awesome than it already promises.  We would like to see this project become a $1 million skatepark through private donations.  For more information about how you can get involved to help us achieve this goal please contact Elizabeth Chatterton ( or (859)258-3220).  You can also make a tax-deductible donation at

We are looking forward to working with you to build a world-class skatepark in Lexington, Kentucky.


George G. Myers

See PDF of the release HERE.


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3 thoughts on “Official Update On Berry Hill Skate Park from Councilman Myers

  1. I’m sorry for being debbie downer- taxpayer but, how exactly is an additional skate park an economic booster for anyone?

    • This park will be a destination park–the kind of park that skaters and bikers presently must to travel to Bowling Green, Cincinnati/Northern KY or Knoxville, TN to enjoy. Unlike, say a basketball or tennis court, this park will attract people from all around the bluegrass and potentially regionally and nationally when contests are hosted here–like the bluegrass state games and regular bowl and park contests. But to your point, i think that the park will mostly be a service to neighborhood and the youth of Lexington.

  2. simple, build it and they will come. if you have a park that is worth the time to come skate then they will travel here. that means restaurants,hotels and other local businesses will make a profit off of this. meanwhile the local kids can stay out of trouble and enjoy a good decent park at home. its been a long time coming and im glad that some people have worked very hard to accomplish
    this and i would like to say thank you for making it happen!! i know that my daughters and i will be thankful to spend our money locally more than having to travel so far to a good park.

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