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Berry Hill Update – Bricks? Gift-In-Kind?

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Hello Friends. Sorry for the delay in updates. We have been working on growing interest and donations the past month for the new park at Berry Hill. Thanks again to everyone who gave during the IndieGoGo campaign! We are gathering all the pledge gifts and let me just say that you guys are going to be stoked when you see how cool this stuff is! Can’t wait to get everything into you hands!

We will have some detailed news for you in the coming weeks… As for now, everything is still moving forward with the project and we still are in the buisness of trying to raise funds so this can be the best park possible. A few areas of focus:

Bricks: We can’t have too many “Bricks” for the park. Donate now (click donate above for details) and purchase a brick with a name of your choosing on it! This can be a great way for a small buisness to invest in the park! Even if you can not donate enough for an entire brick, every little bit helps so give what you can!

Gift In Kind: In the coming months we will be working hard on acquiring gift-in-kinds from local businesses. Do you or someone you know have the ability to donate (or offer at cost) any of the following items?

Steele Pipe

If so, please we would like to hear from you! We will be working to contact businesses in the coming weeks and hopefully seeing lots of materials donated to this project! Every dollar donated through a gift-in-kind means one dollar toward our goal of the biggest and best skatepark possible!



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