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Sign Up For A Volunteer “Team” Today!

Sign Up for A Volunteer Team Today!

At our “Launch Meeting” a few weeks ago we shard about the need for the community to get involved in one of the various “teams” that will help raise funds over the next few months. Didn’t make the meeting? Now worries! Below is the list of teams.  If you are interested in participating then please email Elizabeth HERE and she will notify about the the first meeting for each of these groups.

“Move Your Feet “ Campaign Team – We need a team of people committed to help spread the word about our crowd sourcing campaign (IndieGoGo) currently going on. This will involve coming up with creative ways to spread the word through social media!

Local Fundraising/Grant Team – There are numerous opportunities locally to apply for grants and involve F4SP with other existing fundraisers. We need a team of folks to find out what those are and sign us up!

Special Events and Grand Opening Team – F4SP will host a few events over the next year related to the new park and we need folks to help with the planning. Grand Opening, Ribbon Cutting, as well as partner with other events (Cosmic Invasion, Second Sunday, Others?) in the region where we can be visible and share the need.

Kids Involvement Team – How can we get kids to take ownership and get them to pitch in as little as a dollar to help fund the new park? Car Wash? Skate-A-Thon? This will be the question that this team will tackle and seek to create opportunities for kids to help the cause!

Letter Campaign – We are going to take the work out of sending letters to individuals and business. We are going to create and mail a letter for anyone willing to provide us with the addresses. Can you help us by providing addresses? Recruit others to provide addresses? Let us know! (Note: you can supply your own letter if you wish).
We look forward to hearing from you!  This is going to be a blast!