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Lexington, KY

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Get stoked on these photos of our park! 

I’m Super stoked about how this park is coming together!  Everything is going to be original but the snake run is shaping up to be a truly unique feature of this park.

Some thing to note in these pics:

*snake run shallow end will take on the feel of a pool shallow end

*pool coping going in on top of extension in deep end of bowl 

* corner(s) of park being set up as a berm

* back of shallow end extension will be skateable

  See for yourself…











Street section is next!  

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Herald-Leader Park Photos in Paper Today

Hello Friends!

With the nice weather moving in the folks at Dreamland have been making some serious progress on the new park.  In today’s Lexington Herald-Leader we get to see some more great pics of the main bowl.  You can see the wall above the spine coming together as well as as several new buttery concrete pours!

Click here to see the picks on their site!

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Pictures of Flow Bowl Progress!

Check out these pictures of park progress!  Took them from inside the flow bowl.  Props to Dreamland for being cool with me shooting them.  Somethings to note… It looks like the flow bowl will actually have a double waterfall with the left side (side closest to old pool house) being a bit more shallow than the right side.  Deep end is…. deep!  Some really cool things to check out here.  Tomorrow I’ll have some updated pictures of the snake run.  Enjoy!